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3 Best Gaming Computers to Play the Witcher 3 On

1. Razer Blade Razer’s Blade portable PC is a genuinely low-execution gaming machine wrapped in an amazingly thin dark aluminum frame that looks and feels awesome. The very much planned, solid portable workstation weighs 6.6 pounds and measures only 0.88 crawls thick, and the most up to date cycle — which we looked into a few months back has made some significant enhancements since the main model. The trackpad, which is situated on the right half of the console in lieu of a number cushion, works well aside from gentle issues with two-finger looking over. The Switchblade UI an arrangement of ten adaptable LCD keys and a LCD screen underneath […]

The Witcher 3 Blood and Wine Review

In The Witcher 3 blood and wine: once again you are playing the famous (for Witcher fans) Geralt of Riva. From the start, the game easily has me hooked. I have to say that this game is the first game since, potentially, Shadow of Murder that has had me completely tied to it, to the point of consuming me. I am often afraid to pick this game up and play, as sometimes I do not know when to put it down. Every benchmark I reach makes way to a new and more interesting one. The story line in this game is absolutely stunning. I have not been so interested in […]

The Review About Witcher 3 Game Play

Witcher 3 is a PC based RPG that was released in October 2007 and has received positive reviews from many sources. This game was quite gripping for me from its opening movie to the end, and has a lot to offer; soon into the game you’ll realize that this is not your everyday average joe RPG. There still remains the old rule of ‘talk to everyone you meet,’ but these standard elements of any game of this genre are outshined by the overall unique feel of the world that the game presents. The battle system is heavily based on combos and a small selection of upgradeable spells. The Glitcher is […]